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Title: Hey all!
Post by: Kyretzn on May 26, 2006, 08:51:33 pm
Greetings, one and all.
I am Kyretzn.
A fellow Machine player.

;) I recently bought a new copy for 2$ at a Garage sale and am reliving old memories of playing Machines late at night...


Anywho, I see you all would like to develop a Machines 2.

Im a Developer.
My current project is... an operating system.

I have experience in Modelling (Blender) and C/C++ Coding, aswell as Assembler.

Im familiar with the SDL and OpenGL APIs (OpenGL... lesser experience, but I learn fairly quickly).

Anywho, I came here to ask... quite simply.
What are you guys strategies?
Im getting my butt kicked by the CPU!.

My Transporters always get all... traffic-jammed and my resource production dies, then I die :(.

Is there a Patch availible that fixes the Pathfinding?
Or do I have to live with it? (Im not going to reverse engineer Machines, or try and hack it. If I have to disassemble something, id rather it be finding some bug in my project OS).

:) Any strategies posted would be appreciated.
And... If you would like help developing Machines 2, (depending on my timetable, stupid life) id be happy to help on one condition - We make it Cross platform so I can play it on Linux instead of having to Dual boot. :).

My MSN is my email:

You are welcome to add me, itd be cool to talk Machines!
Title: Hey all!
Post by: spazz on May 27, 2006, 06:52:49 am
Yes, cool! Atm we are discussing about the engine we gonna use.. well.. may be you know some or would like to build one for us ;)
No.. just joking.. we need a opensource engine and a nice one.

Well I add you in msn, k?
Alright.  :wink:
Title: Hey all!
Post by: Judas on May 28, 2006, 09:57:22 am
Strategies :p


1.  Try to get as much Resource Sites as you can
2. build kick-ass Defences (Ony the Plasma Turrets cuz the Ground-sentinals are slow)
3. Get 6 Research(3 Civ. and 3 Mil.) facillities and get ur Research to the max.
4. Build Knights, Goliaths, Assassins, and the like
5a. Start attacking in small Groups from different sides of the enemy base
5b. or you could create a large army and attack one point
5c. or you could build 50 Nukes  :twisted:
6. Use your scavengers to eat the remains
7. trow a Nuke on your own army (Great fun!)
Title: Re: Hey all!
Post by: Foxy on June 30, 2006, 08:32:13 am
i love this game and i have demo version... but i want to play ur servers pls help me us i need machines cd download... (thx)
Title: Re: Hey all!
Post by: Apex- on June 30, 2006, 10:28:27 am
You can find the full CD download in the main section of the Machines Web Site. <-- Look in the downloads section. You must be registered on the forums and have at least 5 posts in order to download them. You'll also need daemon tools.