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Title: Figthing Gorillas
Post by: wildh0rse on November 14, 2012, 11:52:30 am
The AI likes to gang up on your gorillas with turret reapers and bolter grunts.  Amusingly, it's pretty effective because the grunts and reapers can spread out, forcing the george to turn repeatedly to deal with them.

Many have advocated a triple plasma or missile knight to take out enemy georges, circling and using your turret rotation feature to aim at them.  This is good because it again, forces the george to turn towards you and disables the effectiveness of the ground punch.  Its almost impossible to fire the rockets effectively at you when he's turning, as well.

I found a diferrent strategy that's almost foolproof, but takes advantage of a weakness of the george.

If you FP a triple plasma knight, and APPROACH the gorilla - this is key! - You can merely faace him, move backwards and just blast away at him.  There is, it seems, a 'safe zone' right outside the ground punch range.  Although backwards movement is slow, you STILL out run an goriila coming at you, and his rocket launchers don't seem to work at closer range.... very strange.  I found out today that if you are not in range for YOUR guns, and you are far enough outside that range, the gorilla nails the triple knight in one salvo.  Ideally you troll backwards, and when goerge is out of range just wait a quick second for the target hud to light up and continue backwards.  Fire at his rockets when he launches them, too.

I have found this to work like 90% of the time, the only caveat being DONT get too close or you'll get ground punched, and oh, the AI likes to pester you with grunts and reapers while you try this and they tear you apart.

Any thoughts?
Title: Re: Figthing Gorillas
Post by: SinJul/3rdSin on November 14, 2012, 01:47:55 pm
moving backwards in first person mode makes rockets explode in front of you instead of hitting your unit. That way you mainly take armor dmg instead of HP dmg.

Personally I don't like FP mode to kill gorillas. I rather get a decent number of triple weapon knights and micro them properly to kill the gorilla without taking too much dmg. In missions with many gorillas commanders with healing can be useful to save BMUs to restore the HP if a unit got hit by the ground punch.
Title: Re: Figthing Gorillas
Post by: The Merciful on November 19, 2012, 09:50:54 pm
I think I know what manga this is from..  :ddance: