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Introductions / Revision: Kekxo
« on: March 18, 2009, 02:05:13 pm »
Once upon a time, there was a guy named keK^x0 on whose first post offered the upload of the full German version of Machines on the forums and whose second post was a fully operational well-appreciated texture mod for the first person mode in Machines. Since then, he set up a guide for using Hamachi, added a Download Section and tried to establish a sub-board for modding called the Texture Forge.

Meanwhile he is known for his rather comprehensive posts with lots of links and information and his attitude against spammers and non-mature kids. He uploaded several screenshots, delivered translations of German texts into English and vice-versa and archived the most relevant Machines files on his HDD and on the Download Section. He also set up some tutorials for creating crosshairs for Machines and how to use GIMP for creating animated GIF images. In addition to this, he is a co-worker on Foley's mod "Legions of Steel". He also tried to solve the 5-post measure problem we had here once before.

The name is the derivation of this formula: .

The person behind the identity of Kekxo:
Lives in||Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Was born on||22nd of September 1989, now aged 19
Likes||Innovative videogames, fighting sports and philosophy
Hates||Annoying kids, Wireless LAN, unfairness
Plays||Soul Calibur 2+3, Half-Life 2 and related, Audiosurf, Grand Theft Auto 3 and above, Machines, Super Smash Bros Melee, Quake 3 Arena
Uses||Windows XP +Vista, Steam(RElder23235 or Kekxo), Skype(reloader235), ICQ(224959529), GoogleMail
Listens to||Machine Supremacy

OffTopic/Fun / IP Change / Tricking Steam
« on: December 27, 2008, 01:30:43 pm »
Good day, my fellow Machines fanatics!

It's been a long time since I last showed up and now I have a little request:
The Steam Store has opened with various reduced prices on their famous games, for example Portak, CSS or Left 4 Dead.

I want to take the opportunity and buy Left 4 Dead for the reduced price of around 33.24 dollars. But, as I live in Germany, I am only permitted to get access to the censored version. With an IP from the US I would be able to buy the uncensored game.

So now I am looking for an IP changer program that tricks the Steam client. I tried IP Changer 2.0 and Anonymizer which were both able to change my IP in my browser, but not in the Steam client itself.

Otherwise, I would appreciate any help from you guys. If anyone of you sends the game gift "Left 4 Dead" to the Steam account "Kekxo", I'll repay the price plus a game of your choice for under 10$ as reward.

Waiting for response, keK

OffTopic/Fun / Has the forum been down?
« on: September 15, 2008, 02:56:16 pm »
I wonder if that was only a problem on my side, but did you too experience connection errors in the last few days(13 September to 15 September)? The last post I read today was done on that certain Friday on which the forum could not be reached, so I think you too were not able to access the forums.

Presuming that the downtime was for maintenance or update issues, I was looking forward to see the final changes when it comes up again. But to my disappointment, the whole page remained the same. I fear that the server made some trouble so that the site was not online for some time, otherwise I cannot explain this sudden shutdown of without any announcement of actually shutting it down.

If anyone has an idea what has happened or even why it happened, please post here. Maybe this shutout has not even been noticed by the admin, as he did not make any statement yet. Again, waiting especially for Sloik's reply.

OffTopic/Fun / Retarded: Where came the names for units from?
« on: August 29, 2008, 07:11:39 pm »
This is just for laughs. No quality in here. Well, it's off-topic at last, so enjoy it!

Site Ideas / Abolish the 5 post measure!
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:58:48 pm »
"You have to write 5 posts to get access to the Machines game discs." That is what many newcomers think.
So they post... rubbish.

As I have seen many low-postcount-guys replying to everything without any effort for good content or relevance for the topics they are posting in, I realise that the 5 post measure has not achieved its predefined goal, it only leads to masses of spam posts and administrator annoyance like: "When do I get my download, Sloik? I have already made my 5 posts so I earned the game."

Ignorance is wide-spread among them, too.

Other guys post in off-topic or the 'Discs' board and wonder why their postcount does not increase. That proves that they only post anything in order to achieve their 5-post-goal and receive a free game.

You know, I am playing Team Fortress 2 for quite a time now, and the producers of the game added so called 'achievements' into the gameplay. What is the result? The players start to act weird and are not longer interested in winning the game but in getting their achievements. That's no fun anymore.

How do we get rid of that?

I suggest a new system for getting the discs. Instead of guys spamming around to get the achievement 'SuperPoster - Get 5 posts', we should switch to something that really lets the people think before posting. A procedure that veryfies the valuable content, correct language, relevance or other aspects like special experience(thinking of scorchedearth) or even humour. A similar sytem already exists, it is called 'Karma'.

My plan is to give the download link to contributers with a certain karma amount instead of a postcount.

People who produce good stuff are well liked and receive more karma points. As you can 'applaud' people only if you already have 5 posts in periods of one hour, the karma verification seems to be safe from abuse. Additionally, in order to get new karma, you have to produce really good stuff and put some effort into your posts, so spammers will never see themselves getting the discs unless someone of us likes them for some reason.

My personal ideal of a good, karma-worth post should have the following properties:
  • Formal aspects:
    • Correct language. No internet abreviations or stuff like that.
    • Low smiley count. Avoid using too big images or pictures that are too long to load either.
    • Clear arranged text layout. Structure your thoughts, use paragraphs and lists, maybe even tables.
  • Content aspects:
    • New content, especially media are well appreciated. Try posting some nice screenshots for example.
    • Relevance to the topic. Always check the title of the topic and the previous posts in it.
    • Experiences. Everything relevant or interesting for the community may be posted. Graphics or modelling skills are good things you can show us.
  • Social aspects:
    • Try acting reasonable, mature. No one likes frustration posts like 'My Machines won't work' without any clue how we should help you.
    • No complaints without a reason. Try to avoid anything like this:
      fuck your site? why im download this machines disc? ha ha he he shut up sloik? talk my questionn? ?im? terrible now
    • Be a gentleman. Humour, nice language and friendly, constructive posts are all welcome.

I think I expressed myself clearly. But that, however, is still just an idea. Discuss it and tell me if it's worthy or not.

OffTopic/Fun / Selling my Steam account
« on: August 24, 2008, 09:44:50 am »
If anyone is interested in a good bunch of Steam-games, contact me via PM.
(Sorry for abusing the forum for mechandise)

Games enabled in my Steam-account 'RElder23235' so far:
  • Multiplayer
    • Counterstrike 1.6
    • Counterstrike Condition Zero
    • Counterstrike: Source
    • Day of Defeat: Source
    • Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
    • Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
    • Dark Messiah Might and Magic Multiplayer
    • Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
  • Singleplayer
    • Counterstrike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
    • Dark Messiah Might and Magic Singleplayer
    • Half-Life 2
    • Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
    • Half-Life: Source
    • On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Ep. 1

Costs(Current prices, got the games for more cash):
GameIndividual PriceSum(Occasionally Steam deal prices)
Counterstrike Condition Zero9.99$
Counterstrike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes(Comes together with Condition Zero)
Counterstrike 1.69.99$
Counterstrike: Source19.99$29.99$

Dark Messiah Might and Magic Singleplayer9.99$
Dark Messiah Might and Magic Multiplayer(Comes together with Dark Messiah)9.99$

Day of Defeat: Source9.99$9.99$

Half-Life 219.99$
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch4.99$
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast(Comes together with Half-Life 2)
Half-Life: Source9.99$
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source(Comes together with Half-Life: Source)34.99$

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Ep. 19.99$
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul19.99$29.99

Sumapprox. 125.00$approx. 115.00$

Any other price suggestions will be dealt with. Anyone interested should contact via email, PM or ICQ. Money transfer via online banking or PayPal.

DVDs with the game content can be sent if requested.(For people from the EU only)

EDIT: Forgot to say that the account is not VAC banned. Everything is OK with it.

Site Ideas / Let's set up a Steam Community!
« on: August 17, 2008, 10:07:27 am »
I am quite sure that you already heard of VALVe's Steam application and the games connected to it. The Steam client offers fast downloads for all the games you purchased there, current game news of all genres, a chat application with optional voice chat and the Steam community; which is, as far as I know, a good platform for gamers to organize games, get together and display video game stats.

As an additional feature of Steam, you can also add 'non-Steam' games to your list and lauch it via the application. All your Steamfriends will see then what you are playing and will be able to join you.

My suggestion is to set up a WiredforWar Steam Community in order to stay in contact and to show ourselves available for a good game of Machines if we want to.
As I said before, any guy in your Friends list can see what you are currently playing, can start a chat with you quickly and join your game. This offers a great solution for anyone who is watching the state of his Hamachi servers and is frustrated that no-one is online or actively wanting to play Machines.

Steam is free, resource-saving and for me a very good solution to hold contact. It has become a better ICQ-alternative for me.

Before I start to set up a Machines Steam community all alone, I wanted to hear whether this idea is attractive to you and whether you already use Steam.
In addition to that, I would like you to add your Steam account's name here(The name you log in with).

All further ideas in that direction will be disussed here first.

[I have 2 Steam accounts. Add 'RElder23235' or 'keKxo' to your Steam friends]

The Game / The Official Machines Game Manual
« on: August 12, 2008, 12:30:39 pm »
The Machines game manual is a rare document these times and a digital copy of it can hardly(if ever) be found in the world wide web. The original booklet contains not only the main game controls and features, it also has very detailed information about the units and buildings that are in the game and delivers the epic introductionary story of Machines. Fortunately, I found M123 here on this forum who still had his original, printed game manual. He scanned the document and uploaded it in full quality on the internet.
I've scanned the entire manual, and uploaded it to Mediafire.

Heres the link: Machines Manual

WARNING: The file is 38.2MB!
This manual file is, as mentioned above, very huge due to the amazing quality of the JPEGs(approximately 3500 x 2400 pixel, 26 images), so I set the manual images to a lower, but reasonable resolution of approximately 1000 x 700 pixel.

Doing so, I reduced the download size to about 8 MB. You can download it here.

If you find any other versions(or languages) of the Machines manual, just post them here.

Greetings, keK

Screenshots / Nukelaunchers pointing on planet
« on: August 06, 2008, 09:54:55 am »
Another quick constellation of mine. Made with X-Lord's Volcanic Hardcore mod on the skirmish map 'Volcanic'. Just a little picture that you might like.

A thing I want to mention to this mod:
this level forces you now to attack, because with defending startegy you are lost ;)
Don't rush your enemies and you'll have some problems after 30 minutes 8-) And when PC have normal building speed, it is quite boring... you see one gorilla coming and you say: "Oh no ! He'll kill me ! Aaa !"
Well, defending is quite possible. As you can see in my radar, simply build lots of military factories in a defense line and let them build... let's say... 50 Knight Templars each. Now, you are overall protected with respawning Knights for at least 2 hours.

Anyway, have fun playing this great mod and tell me your opinions about it and about my screenshot of course.
Added to wallpapers in the download section 'cause i like it

Support / Some weird story about a Machines reinstallaion
« on: July 12, 2008, 12:57:02 pm »
After trying the Machines Download Sytem several times and also having it installed 3 times on my disc drive I decided to install Machines completely new and fresh.

Unfortunately, after inserting my Machines CD 1 into my drive, the setup was quite uncertain what to do and gave me strange answers like "Setup.exe is not a vaild Win32 application" and things like that. I bothered 5 minutes with that setup application problem and then tried to start the setup on another way.

I wondered whether this problem occurred because the section on my CD where the setup was located was not readable, so I tried to mount my old Machines CD images with MagicDisc and complete the setup from a totally neat and clean location. Same mistake.

The question I asked myself later was: "How can it be that something like that happens?" My first answer was: Machines is confused because it cannot find its original installation folder on your HDD... don't know which file suggests the program where it might look for it. Shaking my head, having a feeling of defeat in my stomach, I had another idea. How could such an odd error happen? Usually a setup.exe works fine even without knowing whether the application it should install is already on the disc drive or not.

Fortunately, I had my old, beloved German original discs from 1998 still somewhere between my other backup. And guess what: Not only the setup progress worked totally fine, it also seemed to have something like a XP patch preinstalled, because it already ran without any patches. It even played the music from my CD 2!

I thought this unforeseen triumph of mine could not be unposted in this forum, please excuse me for posting such a crap not in off-topic.

But I also got an support issue to bring to topic. Having a German version of Machines installed, I somehow miss the English voices of my units as they sounded much cooler. It would be very nice if  anyone of you would upload the English voices of the units for me.

Thanks in forward, keK

News / Download Section: Everything you need
« on: July 09, 2008, 10:31:20 am »
As a download section is missing on the page itself, I decided to bring all the useful and frequently asked files for Machines together in just one post. This measure is pointed to reduce the confusing rate of new members or guys who desperately look for quick support for their game. If any other file could be interesting for this topic, send me a message and I will add it to this page.

Patches and Utility

1.15 Patch (US)||An older patch for Machines. A readme is within the archive. (ZIP achive to extract in your Machines folder, 2.84 MB)
1.15 Patch (German)||An older patch for the German version of Machines. A readme is within the archive. (ZIP achive to extract in your Machines folder, 2.81 MB)
Windows XP Patch (US)||This patch is required to run Machines on Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers. It also includes the Machines 1.15 Patch and works on Windows 9x computers. (Setup application. 2.71 MB)
Windows XP Patch (German)||This patch is required to run the German version of Machines on Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers. It also includes the Machines 1.15 Patch and works on Windows 9x computers. (Setup application, 2.59 MB)
D3DRM.DLL||You will need this file in order to make Machines run on Vista. Unzip into your Machines folder. (ZIP archive, 173 KB)
Machines AntiLag||The Machines Multiplayer Anti Lag Patch(MMALP) is an one-click measure to reduce strange 'lag' effects such as non-fluent movements of units within a multiplayer game. (Registry Entry, 312 bytes)
Machines Trainer||This application can change the value of the red player's BMU by pressing the hotkey F1. Has to be extracted in a ...\Machines\trainer folder. (Application, 8 KB)
Options Menu Patch||Some users of newer graphics cards experience problems opening the options menu of Machines. This file fixes that. (vidcard.cap file to replace your old one, 185 byte)
Hamachi||This utility offers a good solution for playing Machines online with your friends. A forum member user guide can be found here. Click here to see Hamachi downloads in different languages. (Setup application, 1 MB)
MagicDisc||The No-CD solution for Machines. Install it, mount your Machines CD 2 ISO image with it, start Machines. (Setup application, 1.2 MB)


Machines OST||The official soundtrack of Machines. A collection of MP3s of the ingame soundtrack. (ZIP archive, contains MP3's, 33.9 MB)
Machines Game Manual||The official game manual in JPG images. Scanned and provided by M123. For a lower-resolution game manual, click here. (ZIP archive, 38.3 MB)

For more pictures, check out the homepage gallery. Submit your pictures there, too!
Machines Demo||This is the official demo version of Machines. Does not require any further patches. (Setup application, 33.5 MB)
RAD Game Tools||Utilizing the RAD Game Tools you can watch, convert and edit the Machines cinematics which are in the SMK format. (Setup application, 1.2 MB)

WiredForWar Download Clients

WiredForWar Client||Log on with your WiredForWar credentials and have easy access to patches, game mods and other misc stuff! (ZIP Archive to extract in your Machines folder, 1.1 MB)
WiredForWar Client Update||Update to above mentioned file. (7z Archive to be extracted into your Machines folder, 668 kB)
Machines Download System (Beta)||This application, however yet in beta status, allows members of to download a ingeniously compressed version of Machines. It completes the whole installation, too. (Application, 2.5 MB)

Game Modifications

MMAP||Using the Machines Map Anchor Program, you can easily place all kinds of units on the original Machines maps. Yet in alpha version. More information here. Made by Foley.
||A modified crosshair for the first person view in Machines. Made by Judas. (RAR archive to be extracted in ...\Machines\gui\fstpersn\cursor, 7.6 KB)
||Another modified crosshair. Made by Kekxo. An installation readme is included. (RAR archive to be extracted into ...\Machines\gui\fstpersn\cursor, 170 KB)
||Second modified crosshair by Kekxo. Readme is included. (RAR archive to be extracted into ...\Machines\gui\fstpern\cursor, 8.75 KB)
||Third modified crosshair by Kekxo. Readme is included. (RAR archive to be extracted into ...\Machines\gui\fstpersn\cursor, 12.7 KB)
||New style for your command buttons. Created by Grench. (RAR archive to be extracted in ...\Machines\gui\fstpersn\cursor, 65.3 KB)
Coloured Eyes||New colourful eyes for your machines! By Judas. (Bitmap to be extracted in ...\Machines\models\texture2, 17 KB)
New Menu Style||A new style for the main menus in Machines. Made by Judas. More information here. (ZIP archive to be extracted in ...\Machines\gui\menu, 3.9 MB)
Volcanic Hardcore Mod||This modification extremely reduces building time and lets the AI build huge armies. Quite challenging. Made by X-Lord.More information here. (Metafile to be extracted in your Machines folder, 3.1 MB)
PsychoMod||Replacing the mach1.met file with the original one will improve your Machines abitlities incredibly. Made by Judas. More information here. (Metafile to be extracted in your Machines folder, 3.1 MB)
Behind Enemy Lines Mod||This mod changes the campaign map "Behind the enemy lines" in the Talon Prime chapter to a mission of mayhem. Hundreds of machines are watching over 2 hostages. Get them out! If you have not reached that level yet and still want to try this mod, get this savegame. By kadirr(?). More information here(Bad language). (Metafile to be extracted in your Machines folder, 3.1 MB)
Oasis Mod||Changes the skirmish map 'Oasis' to a 'protect and research'-mission. By X-Lord. More information here. (Metafile to be extracted in your Machines folder, 3.1 MB)
German Machines Voices||For those who want their units to speak in German language. Can be applied on any Machines version. (RAR archive containing WAV's,  37 MB)
Machines Modding Tools||These tools are required to modify the gameplay of Machines. Readme, tutorial and more things are included! (RAR archive, 6.09 MB)
Resource Hacker||Additional tool to edit your Machines code. Further information here. (ZIP archive, 542 KB)

External Machines Disc Downloads

Machines CD 1 (US)||Disc required to install Machines. Uploaded temporarily on to save this forum's bandwidth. Drawn from Aquarilli's torrent. (ISO image, 490 MB)
Machines CD 2 (US)||Complete Image of CD2. Contains the music, cinematics and required data to actually start the game. Uploaded temporarily on Drawn from Aquarilli's torrent. (ISO image, 260 MB)
Machines CD 2 [small]||No cinematics or music is on this CD, but the file 'setupy.bin' allows you to play the game when dics is inserted. When installing, choose 'Minimum install'. (ISO image, 50 KB)
Machines Torrent||Download Machines via a torrent. You need a torrent client like utorrent to open this file. (Torrent data, 27 KB)

If any errors occur when using these links, just send a message to Kekxo, using the personal message service of this forum or look up my contact details in my profile.

Please do not report dead links here!
12th of April, 2009: Every Link and file is working.

PS: All files are property of their respective producers. I do not claim any rights on foreign files.

Screenshots / Machines Battalion in attack formation
« on: June 27, 2008, 01:33:15 pm »
After I have finished beating up the A.I on Claustrophobia, I have assembled my veteran machines in the middle around a beacon sender. I somehow got inspired by that picture and created a similar arrangement of machines; this time there is a whole battalion of exactly 49( 7x7) military units in square formation.

1st picture: Original setting, some random machines around a beacon
2nd picture: Strictly ordered Assembly
3rd picture: Reduced assembly

I have also added the savegames to this assembly in my attachments. Hope you like that.

(PS: I did not mod this map, I assembled this manually)

The Game / Bug: Increased building-health
« on: May 08, 2008, 09:59:21 am »
This is a bug you may probably know from capturing enemy Seeding Pods in skirmish games.

To increase the armour(blue healthbar) do the following:
  • Take an enemy-building and a constructor of any type
  • Deconstruct the building until it is nearly completely destroyed(100-50 points left)
  • Capture the building with your contructor. It will immediately be captured

My idea why this bug is possible:
The constructor normally captures enemy buildings by decreasing their health to approximately one third of its total amout of health-points. When the building has less points than that value, the points will be added as additional armour so that the third of total health-points are there.

The Game / Unique Enforcers on Adelphi9
« on: May 06, 2008, 09:03:08 am »
Here is something i have noticed playing Machines long before. Check this out:

In the mission 'Seek and Destroy' on Adelphi9(First Planet, third mission) some Enforcers are sent to you as a reinforcement. These Enforcers show slight differences compared with the ones you are able to build in your Advanced Military Factory. Let me show you that difference:

[img width= height=][/img]

The Enforcer has the Plasma Cannons of the Knight(or Knight Templar) instead of the normal short-range(but double-fire) Enforcer Plasma Cannons. I wonder whether this can be done on every unit. I will try this out.

OffTopic/Fun / What music are you listening to?
« on: March 31, 2008, 01:04:35 pm »
As read the posts about the music that should be used in Machines II, i thought about costumizing free music to adapt them to the game.

At this point, i wanted to present you Machinae Supremacy, a swedish metal band, that uses the SID sound chip that were used in the old C64-computers as a melodic device in their tracks. They started in the year 2000 by publishing all their songs on their website for free. These tracks were even available in the free OGG-audio format.

You can find Machinae Supremacy and their published tracks here.

Maybe their music can be of use to create our own videogame-music, as their tracks are often compared with it.

By the way, my favourite song of them currently is "Need for Steve", you can check it out at their MySpace site.

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