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Strategies / VICTORY - The Controller (Revisited)
« on: November 20, 2012, 09:34:25 pm »
I've used a lot of the strategy suggestions and studied a lot of the comments here. Again, MAchines is probably my #1 favorite game, been playing since it came out.

I just beat the last level, and only for about the third time.  I tried some of the other ideas, but the only thing that seems to really work is to have the mine going, and the Advanced combat factory built and producing the first Judas.  This time, i beat it with just judases and nothing else, once you get a foothold and destroy the factories, you're all set. In fact I di it with just two of the mineral deposits, you shred the enemy once you get enough FP Judas action going.  When you start to traechery some judases, it is almost amusing how quickly you get the enemy under control.

Has anyone come up with a better way? There's an old thread I strarted abou this, was wondering if there's anything new anyone had to say about it.

The Game / Figthing Gorillas
« on: November 14, 2012, 11:52:30 am »
The AI likes to gang up on your gorillas with turret reapers and bolter grunts.  Amusingly, it's pretty effective because the grunts and reapers can spread out, forcing the george to turn repeatedly to deal with them.

Many have advocated a triple plasma or missile knight to take out enemy georges, circling and using your turret rotation feature to aim at them.  This is good because it again, forces the george to turn towards you and disables the effectiveness of the ground punch.  Its almost impossible to fire the rockets effectively at you when he's turning, as well.

I found a diferrent strategy that's almost foolproof, but takes advantage of a weakness of the george.

If you FP a triple plasma knight, and APPROACH the gorilla - this is key! - You can merely faace him, move backwards and just blast away at him.  There is, it seems, a 'safe zone' right outside the ground punch range.  Although backwards movement is slow, you STILL out run an goriila coming at you, and his rocket launchers don't seem to work at closer range.... very strange.  I found out today that if you are not in range for YOUR guns, and you are far enough outside that range, the gorilla nails the triple knight in one salvo.  Ideally you troll backwards, and when goerge is out of range just wait a quick second for the target hud to light up and continue backwards.  Fire at his rockets when he launches them, too.

I have found this to work like 90% of the time, the only caveat being DONT get too close or you'll get ground punched, and oh, the AI likes to pester you with grunts and reapers while you try this and they tear you apart.

Any thoughts?

I was playing Final Assault.  This is one of the levels that the AI really owns, it is different from all the others except maybe the last level. 

The usual and recommended action is to take your 3 misssile knights and destroy the big missile launcher ("Area Secure - Civilain Reinforcements etc") and the nuke plus the 5 SAM's in this area.

The OTHER nuke, to the east, has to be taken out, you have a 75% chance of gettng wiped out by ONE NUKE here if you dont. 

Omce your three missile knights have finished up, if you take them west, you will see the BIG mek builiding another turret.  What I did was, destroy the mek; destroy the Wasp that the factory turned out; and destroy the unfinished turret.

For some reason though, the AI did NOT send a builder over to continue building the nuke, which almost always happens and always catches me out. Any thoughts or comments on this, or on this level in general? The walkthrough I read was very informative, but even if you follow it this level can be difficult.   

Mods / Parmdata file doesnt exist?!
« on: October 16, 2011, 12:18:18 pm »
It's not anywhere in my Machines folder.... did I miss something? The game runs great, I imagine it must be there but its nowhere to be found (I have hidden folders showing, WinXP SP3). TIA, Wh

Strategies / The Controller!
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:22:16 pm »
OK, so here goes.

I have reached the last level.  I always have a hard time getting started.  Hereis my usual routine:

1. Mek builds smelter, builders do advanced combat factory and Civilian factory.
2. Combat units go north to deal with first attack. 
3. build locator and transporter; build knight or warlords - back to that in a bit
4. .......

Yuu get the idea.  I now have the setup for mining, and if everyone survives, I can get a knight templar or a Judas out and about. 

I have tried heavy turrets, placed north of the pillars but invaliably they get takebn out during their long cycle time. They're also useless in close quarters as they seem to take out a group of friendlies evry so often. :lolhammer: 

The key for me has been dominance through the Judas Warlord, but theyre so expensive and FRAGILE that I never use them except in First Person view. And get a bunch together and you can have an orgy of threachery attacks at hand, with sometimes catastrophic results. :-o

I'd like to hear from others regarding this last level!

Multiplayer / Mutliplayer Tutorial/ guide?
« on: October 15, 2011, 09:31:57 pm »
Sorry if Im repeating others' questions, but is there a walkthrough or something which describes the procedure to use multiplayer mode? I'm a little confused; nowhere is there a slot for a password, and there's a box which asks for an ip.  I saw there's a server but where do you enter that name, and where do you enter the password? Sorry I'm an ace at machines and a n00b at multiplayer :/

Introductions / Bought the Game the month it came out :D
« on: September 17, 2011, 09:46:46 am »
Howdee do, everyone. I purchased Machines in 1998.  I had the "correct" video card for it....  remember that ?!? ... and was hooked from the first moment on.

I spent that WHOLE SUMMER of 1998 trying to crack "Behind Enemy Lines" and I have to say it's the most challenging level.  Even more, in some ways, than the last  level.  Well, in the last level you need to just Judas the hell outta the place as you have chump-change for resources.  That room in the upper left from the start point is one wild ride.  I love sending in the Judas, treachery-ing a Goliath (or 2!) and watching them annihlate each other.  :smilydude:

I am currently playing B.E.L. as of right now.  I gotta say the levels I hate the most are the indoor ones, and that insane Satellite whatever where you use only aerial units and build mines on asteroids.  God I hate that.  Except for the end when you just destroy at will!!!!  :holy:

The second to last level is also a challenge, but MUCH more doable, I think.  The keys are that damn nuke to your east, the center to your South, and mopping up all those Gorillas with the Judas... I love that. 

I like the skirmish play very much.  You want dedication? About 7 years ago I sat down and calculated the EXACT damage for each machine's weapon.  I figured out the distances too by approaching a machine until it was in range and using the data from the documentation made a chart.  Where it went, I don't know but i'd like to try again.  The plasma weapons generally kick butt.

The most powerful machines have to be the triple plasma knight and the Judas, the former can kill anything and the latter is a strategic weapon that is invaluable in the advantage it gives.  The Judas can be killed easily, so I always heal them and try to use them only in first person. 

Anyway thanks to all for keeping this epic game alive.  No other battle game gives as much satisfaction, and first-person MAKES this game. 


Introductions / All about Machines
« on: October 18, 2008, 07:45:01 pm »
Well now.

I captured this great game form a shelf in a NYC comp store in 1999.  I was in love immediately, and I didnt even know how to use the first person view for years hehe.  Not correctly anyway.

I'd love to try some multiplayer, how's that work again?

Gonna see some mods too maybe, this site is GREAT.  I lost the CD 2 and used the 'dummy' iso available here. Oh and that pesky XP patch as well.  ALL WORKS GREAT as it did always!!!

Thanks to all.  I'm off to read about strategy!!!!

Love yaz


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