Author Topic: Demo Stratergies :)  (Read 894 times)

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Demo Stratergies :)
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:49:12 pm »
My Stratergy!

Goes like this, First be greens, then at the start, build locators FIRST. Send you four fighter left to attack what should be the yellows to stop the attacks which they ALWAYS send straight away and send a new one when the last on died. Then focus on turrets and reapers. Make an army of reapers and defend your base like hell until you have made a solid defense with turrets (pref. the laser ones). Then keep the reapers behind the turrets in groups, but not far, until you have researches the glads. Make an army of those and then prepare for convertion time. Take out the yellows first. They are the slowest to rebuild and also the dosiest. Then you have to get into the ravine near the top in the center to take over the mine there. It then doesn't really matter which order you take out the other teams. I prefer to take out the blues first because they have better things to convert. Then I move on to the reds. But I always surround the last person with attacks from all sides from your 3 bases that you converted.

Works for me, so it should work for you guys too ;)

-Electhor :clint:
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