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RULES! Read this first!


Rules! Read this before posting!

Want the Discs? Check This Topic out: How to Get the Discs: Lesson 101

1. No Flaming, attacking, or shooting down ideas. (Constructive criticism is, however, allowed)
2. No spamming just to increase your post count.
3. No begging for admin or moderator status.
4. Don't put more than 5 Smilies in your post.
5. Listen to the mods/admins... they know what they're doing.
6. Attempt to use correct spelling and use the spell checker when necessary!

The Karma system is in place for a reason. If you don't like a user, simply down-vote them.

If you find something wrong with the rules or the forum, let a mod or an admin know and we'll make the correct modifications.

Failure to comply with any of these rules could lead to a one day ban and deletion of your post.


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