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Hi, I'm a programmer
« on: June 07, 2009, 08:55:46 am »
Hi guys,
I'm an experienced programmer, although quite young. Games are not my field, but I've got some experience in game deveploping, despite not as a professional. Up to now I've never tried to develop an OpenGL engine or anything like that, but I've always relied on already working Opensource 3D engines. For most of my projects I used the Irrlitch Engine, plus Audiere or OpenAL. I've also got a little experience with the ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). by the way learning how to use other Engines shouldn't be a problem for me. I don't know how the developing is going on, and what decisions have been made about the programming part, but my own opinion is that we don't need to develop our own engine, and we could use a fully furnisced opensouce working one, like Crystal Space.
You can have a look here for its features:
It is actually nearly a Game Engine (and not a simple 3D Engine), especially if a one uses the CEL (Crystal Entity Layer) with it. Such Engine would give us plenty of freedom in the developing, eventually allowing us to add a few fancy Physical effects and proceed faster in the release of the first Machines II Demo.
Furthermore, the game this way would be portable on different platforms, i.e. Windows, GNU/Linux, and MacOS/X with virtually no change in the source. Of course, my suggestion would be to use C++ as programming language, and if needed Phyton/Ruby/Lua for some kind of internal scripting (e.g. Computer A.I.)... something to be left in the last part of the developing anyway.

I also have some suggestions for the concept, such as that if we control a unit in first person, that unit would become stronger (so to allow the game to became also a kind of FPS in a way, or maybe in the part when you sneak in the opponent's base to steal some technologies xDD), but we can talk later about that I guess...

Hope you like my ideas, and let me know if you would like my help for the developing ( I would be free to work on the project starting from next month)

PS The more I look around in the forum, the more I'm confused. There are so many different ideas, ... sorry if I've mistaken something.

See you,
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