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Machines 2 Development Topic
« on: September 21, 2006, 11:48:23 am »
This is the Main Topic of Machines 2
If you want a Job or want to change anything or want less/more work, PM me!!!!

Come to this topic please if you want to sign up!

Here I Post what People should create in a period of time, you won't get punished or anything for not getting things done on time, but you will lose some..uhm, nothing acctually, well, maybe you get a Smaller size text in the Credits!! Muwhahaha! Okay Sorry for that :P

This is What I Had in Mind
With RED with the Lead, People should report to their "Leaders" if they have something done, then the Leaders will Keep me Up2date(Leaders, also try to keep other people in your Branch informed, this is to avoid 2 people creating the same thing without knowing of eachother

Manager: Judas
The Engine: 3D, Frink, Spazz
Programmers: Frink, 3D, Spazz
Storyline: Judas, Foxx
Artwork: Foxx, Judas, 3D
Sounds/Music: Judas, Foxx, Hoga
Graphics/Models: 3D, Spazz

Of course anybody who want to do a job(Sloik, GSW, Suskis, Jeballi etc) Can PM me (Personal Message) with where you want to be placed and i'll put you there, This way I can make sure that I Know who's in or out :)

The Jobs:
I don't know howmuch work im giving you all, but if you think it's too much/little please say so, I don't want any stressed People :)

Create a small model of say, a scout that can be used by Orge3D
Try to Create a flat Landscape on Orge3D(no textures and such)
Help Frink with the Inserting of the Scout

Prof. Frink:
Help 3D with the Orge3D landscape, and try to find a way to insert the Scout into the game

Foxx Raveno:
Create some Briefings, Intro's ect, using THIS Topic, Design more Units/Buildings and Create more artwork(To make the moddeling easier, so try to make things like turning points, weapons, special things and/or textures extra visible for the Moddelers/Texturers), Try to Make the Storyline Better

Create some Unit Voices; Attacking, Online, Under attack, Use the original Machines for inspiration, but please don't rip off everything(Like: Knight, Reporting for Duty)

Create some Easy models(Scouts, Grunts, Locators, Builders) that can be used with Orge3D, Try to Help 3DFreak and professor frink

Judas (me):
 Design more Units/Buildings, Create the Briefings, Model some Bushes/Trees/Small Buildings, Make the Storyline better, try to sketch out some simple level designs

Try to have it done in say, a Week. I won't be arround next Week(Going to the Czech Republic with school) So you don't have to rush. But what I will do is add a List of things that you CAN do, to make sure you don't have too much work later on(These things will have to be done anyway)

The List:

Try to make a Camera Mode(Zenith)
Try to Create a flat level with Textures
Try to Create a level with Hills(With textures?)
Try to make the Scout move with the Arrow keys
Try to Create a 1st Person View
Try to make a Click and Move thing :P
Try to make "things" (later on they will be replaced with Flying) units "Fly"
Create Icons for the Mouse(Select, Move, all the standard things)
Create a Interface(Menu)
Model Machines Heavy assault Units
Model Machines Knights
Model Machines Flying Units
Model some Buildings
Create some more Briefings and Voices(Like, Moving, Yes sir, Attacking, Knight reporting for duty etc)
Try to Create a level with Ravines and Mountains

I think that'll be enough to keep us all at work, Later on, You can PM me to say what job you what and what Help you need, and i'll put your name behind the Job, and try to seek the help you need :)

Spotted anything weird or don't you agree with anything? Pm me Please, and I'll sort it out as soon as possible
Last Update: Friday 22 September (2006)

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