Author Topic: Aquarillis- write a few tutorials! And everybody else too! AllIn1Guide  (Read 1116 times)

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Well, guides acctually ;) If you could write down how you completed the last mission, I would gladly use it in my up and coming all-in-one guide, I'll fully credit you offcourse

1. Campaign guide
2. Modding Guide
3. Skirmish Guide
4. Strategy Guide
5. Machines Guide
6. Multiplayer Guide

Currently my all-in-one Guide has 6 Guides,
1,2. The Campaign Guide only needs one more mission before it's completed, and i'm currently working on page 29, Advanced Coding: The ParmData AI, I will add two more "Advanced modding" topics and then i'll move on to "Alternative modding" (Textures and Sounds) Then on to Mods Hint's and Tips and Mod Idea's and last of the guide, Mod Training.
3. The Skirmish guide will have stuff like "Mine locations" "Strategic Locations" (both normal) And also some Battle and special stuff.
4. The Strategy Guide will include different strategies on how to win easily, how to have fun but still win, how to powermine(made that one up :P)how to rush and best tactics and special strategies for special situations
5. The Machines Guide will have info about each Machine, from Grunt to Gorilla, in what situation do you need which Machine?
6. The Multiplayer will have stuff like "Advantages" "Stealth" "Research" (All a bit shortend down too keep the "new" feeling in :D)

If you want to add a Guide you created yourself, or add a Guide Idea, reply and I'll see what I can do with it :D Also if anybody wants(hard work, no pay) you/he could help me to test (new) strategies and tactics(simply a multiplayer game once in a while) Or he could write something about a certain subject I need(The Human Brain, any takers? :P Probably more in the way of checking the 101 uses of a scout and grunt VS other units) You will be awarded a place in The Wall of Fame Credits (Currently home of Jeballi and me :D Maybe Aquarillis will join soon
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Re: Aquarillis- write a few tutorials! And everybody else too! AllIn1Guide
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2007, 04:50:37 pm »
I'm actually going to begin writing my Machines Campaign walkthrough again, and the last level will be covered.

Is the last level really that hard?

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Re: Aquarillis- write a few tutorials! And everybody else too! AllIn1Guide
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2007, 02:15:07 am »
If you finish the guide, I'll gladly host it and put up a link for it on the main page.

Is the last level really that hard?
I don't know, I never got very far into the campaign.