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Textures List
« on: August 05, 2011, 07:41:09 pm »
agnb1_b.bmp Gorilla Main Back
agnf1_b.bmp Gorilla Main Front
agnbt1_b.bmp Gorilla Feet
bal4L1_B.bmp Goliath Arrow Marks(front-back)
agnfg1_b.bmp Gorilla Fingers
agnpn1_b.bmp Gorilla Torso
agnto1_b.bmp Gorilla Toes
as2hd1_b.BMP Reaper Head
asleg1_b.BMP Reaper Leg
awast1_b.BMP Reaper Torso (waist)
gnt1s1_b.bmp Scout Body
gnt2L1_B.bmp Scout Logo
gnt2s1_b.bmp Grunt Body
gr3bk1_b.bmp Warrior Back
gr3fr1_b.bmp Warrior Front
grgnb1_b.bmp Warrior Weapon
arrw_bc.BMP Assassin Warlord Bullet/Bee Bomber Bomb
explosions “Fly up” thingies
cheq1_b.bmp Grunt Checkered Weapon
bal4S1_B.bmp Heavy Assault Torsos
beh5t1_b.bmp Titan Mek Top
behG1_b.bmp Both Meks Roll Bars
behs1_b.bmp Both Meks Sides
beht1_b.BMP Behemoth Mek Top
doors1_b.BMP Doors
Chim1.bmp Chimney
CivFA1_b.BMP Civ Fac lvl 1 Walls
CivFB1_b.BMP Civ Fac lvl 2 Walls
CivFC1_b.BMP Civ Fac lvl 1 Top
civZX1_b.BMP Civ Research Lab lvl 2 Sloping sides
k3arm1_b.BMP Enforcer Arms
k3hed1_b.BMP Templar Knight Head
k5fac1_b.BMP Assassin Body (face)kface1_b.BMP Knight & Enforcer Body (face)
kblad_bc.bmp Flying Units Propellors
kfbak1_b.bmp FU backside and Face
kfarm1_b.BMP FU (between Propellor and body)
kfbaz1_b.bmp FU Abdomen (middle body)
kfhol1_b.bmp Propellor metal(up and under)
kfnsd1_b.BMP Parts between bodies
kfgrl1_b.bmp Blob on top of B-Bomber front
kfpod1_b.BMP Blob on top of B-Bomber top
kftal1_b.bmp Wasp Tail
ksymb_b.BMP Knight Symbol on Hover legs
khov1_b.BMP Knight Hover Legs
ktrak1_b.BMP Enforcer Tracks Sides
kturb1_b.bmp (FU-~ ?) BeeBomber Propellor Encasing
logo1_b.BMP Logo
Nuke_b.bmp Mushroom (nuke)
pod1_b.BMP Pod
sent1_b.bmp APC top
scrn2_ba.bmp Research Passive
scrn1.bmp Research Active
trks1_b.BMP Tracks SideTrax.bmp Tracks
tran1_b.BMP Transporter (rhino?)
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