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Hey there.

I'm looking for a Mod that allows me to have more than the 120 (?) Machines on the map. I hope someone already did that.

MfG Naums

The Merciful:
Nope, but if you know how to texture models, then you could help in our development.

Nope I don't know how to texture stuff, but if you are "developing" stuff, why not making a "remake"? For example with UDK (Unreal Development Kit). Sorry. I just saw the Machine 2 - Threads. If you need help by a PHP, C++-Programmer write me a mail. ;)

The Merciful:
Hmm. Read here,

We are using springs. No models are in Machines 2 development pages, they are in a safe place from thieves.

we have a sourceforge page up for just the remake  :-P


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