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ive played machines for a while now and am wondering where the model files are located on my computer because i want to have a go at editing them with 3ds max, i cant seem to find them in any of the folders, any help appreciated


The Merciful:
Thing is, Machines does not use models as conventionally as modern games. Machines are made up of different parts that the game then puts together. The models are not accessible. We have remade (a lot) of the models already though and even put them in-game. Take a look at our blog. .

EDIT: Why doesn't anyone bother to place topics in the correct section? This belongs in the Machines 2 ideas or in the mod ideas board.  Also, being that your new here, why not write an introduction? I never did one but I'm too cool for that. :bunny:

right ok thats probably why i couldnt find them,i didnt put this in machines 2 because i wanted to see what they would look like before i put them in there, i was going to alter the scout but i see there is already a model. These are my models so you can use them if you want.

The Merciful:
Grunts have tracks... Post them and i'll take a look at them. These are my failed grunts that didn't look to good in-game. . If you can, make a warrior. We need one.

Newbies can't see the Early Development thread. Hehehe

EDIT: Har de harr harr

Robotic legs? You/Amin are gonna have to animate in blender and export .bvh's


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