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Ground rules:

For early versions, nothing will change core gameplay in any way. This means no new units, no new weapons or abilities, anything like that. However, ideas/drawings are accepted for items such as these.

Keep the ideas cosmetic and aesthetic only for the most part, any game-changers can be saved until the core remake is complete.

Ideas are appreciated for levels, control schemes or maybe skirmish gamemodes, things that might improve the core game without changing it.

Ok, here I have some drawings I made recently, just for fun. Enjoy  :eng101:

Nice drawings, but what does this have to do with "OpenMachines Ideas?"
Also, is that a grunt with a gatling gun on the first one? Cuz dat's ossim :holy:

Well, when I introduced myself, I asked where should I post my machines drawings, and I was told that this link was the appropiate one, so that's what I did  :roll: .
And about the first image, if you are referring to the grunt which is on the down-left corner, I was just trying to make a grunt with some AA guns, in order to shoot down some wasps or even a bee bomber. That was just an attempt, because I am planning to do a final design of an "anti-air grunt", whowever, if those guns were used against ground units from the top of a hill, the scene would be awesome  8-) .
Also, about the gatling gun.....mmm..... it seems to be a really cool idea, something like this right? (Yes, I know, it's from terminator but it could be an option right?  :holy: )
And, finally................. THANK YOU, I appreciate that :-)

The Merciful:
Holy hairy hampsters. I really like the scout drawing. Also, I noticed my post count decreasing. :sadd: gah, to much to do    :bunny:


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