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Problem with music on the original CD

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Hi there.
When I'm playing machines I have the music playing in the background till a track ends. After that music volume turns off. I have to set some volume in the options menu and the same track starts playing and then again and again and again I have to repeat the whole operation. Anyone know why? Or have any ideas how to fix that? It's really annoying. It happens on different maps. I found a highly cpu-using process described as an audio 'something' while playing machines. Maybe there's the reason of my problem.


What kind of soundcard and system do you have?

IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
AMD High Definition Audio Device

Win7 64bit.

Strange. This looks like the auto-mute function of sound card.

Did you start Machines as Administrator? Maybe it's refresh from registry key value with cd volume.

Exactly what's the name of this cpu-consuming process? Tried googling for it? Maybe you'll get similar results?...

Doubt it, though...

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