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Recently I remembered about the game and I found some time to try again recreate the models format. Generally, it's stored in a models.bin file (machines, buildings) and in files with the extension *.psb (map tiles), *.arb (artefacts, trees, plants, etc.) from a pdata directory. I enclosed my program to extracting.
Usage: binex a <filename to extract, part of this name or dir branch> <input filename>. Copy program binary to machines root directory. Run command prompt and change dir again to game root (e.g. cd c:\games\machines). Now type binex a .x models.bin to extract all *.x files from models.bin, similarly for *.arb. For *.psb type e.g. binex a .agt pdata\m_desert.psb.

I can't discover orginal objects coordinates so they need to be pieced together, but I think that isn't a big problem.

I hope that in any way it will be useful for something. Meshes can be imported and smoothed in any 3D software. Don't ask how to export new models to original game. I don't recreated whole format and I am not able to do it.

Wow man, that's awsome ! Great job :) I was always wondering how would it look like :D



Importing back to game requires *.lod files (also psf and arf, but they are stored in metafile mach1.met). As I remember there is bug in loading colors from .x files materials. Maybe its related with animatix agt format that was used as orginal source for tiles and some models.

wow very nice.

Don't we need to download the program before these commands work?
Anybody else think this would be a good place to start for the remaining openmachines models?
Also how do you and mb reverse engineer these things?  :eng101:


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