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Problem in Vista (help pls D:)


Hi guys.

I tried to play Machines in Vista 32 bits. I've installed it mounting the two disks on Daemon Tools, installed XP patch and put d3drm.dll on System 32 and Machines directory. After that, I've mounted the disk 2 and executed machines.exe. Then comes the loading screen, and after the intro, it crashes and get this error message:

I don't know what to do now. Please help me D:

Sorry for my bad english ._.

try loging out of your windows account and login again. I have those memory errors from time to time and that fixes it. Also much faster than restarting the computer.

I got Win XP, so it might not work for you the same way. Post your results pls.

Strange... This is the exact same error you'd get when you'd try starting the game without the XP Patch... Might be an memory-issue, as stated above... Hope it works.



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